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We aim to help talents gain industry exposure by allowing them to showcase their talents across different industry sectors. This will make them more attractive than other applicants.

You can create and endorse your own professional skill portfolio: Talent Profile to showcase your talents in any form e.g. business reports, design illustrations, photography, videos, links to your blog/channel etc.

Also, you can browse the sample projects in our Talent Fitting Room which different employers offer through Talent Trending and potentially gain experience from attempting different job roles. We will match you up with different opportunities accordingly. This would allow you to figure out which tasks you enjoy and vice versa.

Join us now to build your own branding and market your talents to the business world.

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With Talent Trending, hiring has never been easier. As employers, you can register with us and let us know which talents you are searching for.

Talent Trending aims to help you make the most out of your hiring investment and generate high success rates in quality hiring. We will keep you informed with weekly updates where we match your requirements with motivated and passionate individuals with a matching skill set. We also provide more direct and efficient access to talents from the start: by browsing talent profiles, you may find more committed employees.

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Talent Trending was created with help from Aston Business School in 2016. We have carefully considered the ways of generating value for universities since the very beginning and we will keep creating new strategies to support all of our amazing university partners. 

We share ideas and cooperate with universities which allows us to strengthen and increase the support we can offer to our student talents. Quality hiring increases the number of successful alumni and graduates' salaries which makes the university more attractive to students.



Who are we?


Talent Trending was founded in 2016 with support from BSeen and Aston University. The idea was first formed in 2015 when we spotted the common problems our clients share in the recruitment process. 


For Employers, there are often limitations in targeting the ideal future employee amongst the crowd. Even with a generous hiring budget to host exhibitions, create job ads and join networking events, the quality of the application you receive is not ensured. In a sense, it does not matter how many applications you receive, but how many quality candidates who really care to join you. Talent Trending is aiming to help employers generate the most cost-effective results in hiring, by creating a talent pool to select quality candidates which saves your time, opportunities and resources.  


For early-stage job seekers such as students and graduates, we understand that it is increasingly challenging to stand out. Are you tired of going stand by stand at a recruitment fair? Do you need more work experience to prove yourself? Or do you feel like your academic background is limiting your career options? With Talent Trending, you can stand out easier than ever. You would be able to create and seize the opportunities yourself instead of waiting for opportunities to come to you. Think of this as opening your own "Talent Shop", sell your skills, experience tasks from different roles and invest your time. This is your time to shine.